BOBKOVA stands out with a dedication to challenging traditional clothing norms, offering versatile pieces that cater to diverse styles and preferences.

The brand gained widespread acclaim through its consistent presence at Ukrainian Fashion Week since 1998, earning high praise for its prêt-a-porter collections, known for innovative designs and cultural inspirations.

Beyond Ukraine, BOBKOVA has showcased its collections on prestigious runways in Berlin, Paris, and New York, solidifying its global impact on the fashion scene

Black silk top-vest
215.00€ Ex Tax: 215.00€


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Black tutu dress
550.00€ Ex Tax: 550.00€

Black slim fit dress with open back..

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420.00€ Ex Tax: 420.00€

This cardigan merges comfort with style through its unique decorative braiding along the sleeves and..

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Cotton Dress
350.00€ Ex Tax: 350.00€

Elegant cotton dress with lacing details – comfort meets timeless style...

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675.00€ Ex Tax: 675.00€

This upcycled lace dress merges eco-conscious elegance with fashion-forward design. Multicolored lac..

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Knitted mesh dress
506.00€ Ex Tax: 506.00€

Dress from mesh, oversized, with button on the back, with silk finishing..

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Long silk dress
669.00€ Ex Tax: 669.00€

Experience the allure of our Long Silk Dress, crafted for sophistication with a blend that caresses ..

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Pink jacket
682.00€ Ex Tax: 682.00€

Pink cotton jacket, straight silhouette with pockets and button..

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Quilted Jacket
320.00€ Ex Tax: 320.00€

Our modern quilted jacket in elegant brown is the perfect transitional piece. Lightweight and comfor..

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Silk Skirt
475.00€ Ex Tax: 475.00€

This elegant flared skirt with unique diagonal seams offers a dynamic silhouette...

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690.00€ Ex Tax: 690.00€

This elegant trouser suit in delicate rose exudes timeless elegance. The fine fabric and modern cut ..

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Turtleneck Dress
425.00€ Ex Tax: 425.00€

This basic wool dress is the perfect foundation for any look. Its simple design makes it an ideal pi..

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White dress-shirt BOBKOVA
675.00€ Ex Tax: 675.00€

Elevate your style with our fitted, long white dress shirt. Made from a luxurious silk and viscose ..

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