About Us

We are an online shop for women's clothing and accessories from the best Ukrainian fashion designers based in Heiningen.

Meet the best Ukrainian brands!

Sashkaproject presents the most interesting, creative and famous designers in Eastern Europe. Immerse yourself with us – into the magical, fantastic world of Slavic beauty and natural femininity. Discover that incomparable "something" that you will only find in the soul of Eastern European designers. It's just a look from a different angle, combined with fresh creative ideas that open up opportunities to present yourself individually and uniquely.

Made in UA

We live in a society of mass production, which is dictated to us by advertising campaigns of big companies and the media. Universal, boring outfits are sold to us in a palatable way and let individuality fall by the wayside. The most valuable thing, however, is your own personality - the freedom to be yourself. A striving for freedom and individuality is reflected in our Ukrainian design collections. Unique, confident and open. Attention to detail transforms everyday garments into one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your personality. Sashkaproject gives the inspiration and opportunity to create your style in your own way.