Chick Dress with loops

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160,00 EUR
Color: black
Brand: e.p.p.s.


Chick black dress with interesting loops.

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All you wanted to know about ukrainian brands. The story how it all began, who stands behind each name and what challenges they faced on the way to the Big Fashion world. What is the brands philosophy and what statement you are promoting dressing it up.

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OSTEL tells stories about art, music, people and their life through its collections.

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Religion rests on faith and faith is inexplicable thing or requires no explanations.

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Olga Stelmakhova is the founder of a well-known and popular Ukrainian fashion brand OSTEL.

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Open up your individuality

We live in a mass production society which is being constantly dictated by numerous advertising campaigns. Universal and boring outfits are being sold to us as something special, and leave us very often no chance for individuality. But the most valuable thing is indeed our own personality and the freedom to be yourself.

This desire of freedom and individuality is reflected in our designers' collections from Ukraine. Unique, confident and open.

SashkaProject gives you the inspiration and possibility to design your own style!